Our Mission

To use the most up-to-date technology and provide first-rate customer service to deliver the ultimate user experience.



Our Objectives

The objectives of Face2FacePay are as follows:


• To deliver the smartest and best payment solutions across Europe, utilising world-class products and services.

• To provide Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) and End to End Encryption (E2EE) hardware services with next day replacement guarantees and specialist engineers sent on site, when required.

• To protect the payment environment and brands which contributes towards a sustainable future.

• To connect merchants with the most cost-effective secure PCI Validated P2PE service delivery models available.


Our Team

People and Partners

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Company Directors, John Gibson and Kerry Leigh
founded F2FP in 2020 in response to those
seeking a better solution to the out-dated
payment systems they were currently using.

With more than four decades experience and a
reputation for championing change, they
became the ‘Go To’ duo within the industry for
those looking to revolutionise the way online
payments were made globally.

With first-hand knowledge of customer’s
frustrating experiences with old fashioned
terminals, John and Kerry knew what needed
improving and also had the contacts, capability
and know-how to make it happen.

They could visualise a brand-new way of
doing things which would mean the end of
slow terminals, poor customer service and the
many wasted hours spent trying to fix problems
time and time again - all very real issues that
customers were facing all over the world.

With a vision to launch a solutions-based
company focussed entirely on improving the
customer experience, F2FP was born.

They are proud to promote transparency,
have an unrivalled people-based approach
to customer care and their smart, intuitive
payment terminals use the most up-to-date

As F2FP grows, they aim to eliminate the
use of old-fashioned terminals and second
rate customer service, and continue to provide
the smartest solutions which give the
best user experience.

Afterall, why should online payments not be
made smarter, to match the leaps and bounds
made by other industries in this incredible digital

F2FP are delighted to now be leading the
way for customers to finally Switch to Smart.

Partners We Support

Together Stronger.

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